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Simple java captcha

The purpose of the simple java captcha project is to make it easy to generate good-looking captchas with a minimum of programming and preferably little configuration.

SimpleCaptcha is an open Source Java implementation for captcha creation. Integration is left to the developers of the individual projects because I don't (want) to know your implementations...

an example:

With the initial drop on source forge the simplecaptcha implementation can render different jpeg captchas with 

  • background colors
  • background gradient fill colors
  • fonts (2 default and limited to the amount of font's on your system)
  • font color
  • random character generator (characters can be configured)
  • first name generator (5000 + first Names)
  • optional border around the captcha
  • border color (defaults to black)
  • border thinness (defaults to one)

with the second drop there is:

  • a new distortion algorithm (shadowgimpyImp)
  • a Chinese captcha
  • somewhat more documentation

with the third drop there was:

  • a new distortion algorithm (FishEye).
  • improvements to the default captcha

some more examples:

firstname java captcha Image generated with the fiveletterFirstName generator.
Image generated with random character generator with 6 chars per captcha
same but with different font and background colors
or with the ShadowGimpyImp
chinese java captcha with a simplified Chinese word producer
FishEye distrotion applied to captcha