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DocumentBurster takes as input PDF reports and bursts them based on meta-data. Generated documents can be delivered on a variety of destinations like email, ftp, fax, archive and many more. Features:

 * It is portable as it works on all versions of Windows and most of the UNIX systems.
 * It is working by reading meta-data which is easily included in the document to indicate the splitting and delivery methods to be used.
 * It has out of the box delivery targets as email, ftp, fax, archive and many more. Email is referring to any SMTP compatible server including gmail and yahoo.
 * It is easy to define your own custom delivery targets with the help of a plug-in architecture. This will handle the delivery of reports to any target that can be imagined.
 * Scheduling. It is easy to define simple or complex schedules for bursting.
 * It has command line support so it is easy to automate the bursting of reports.