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Code Coverage


JBlanket is a tool for assessing and improving method coverage of unit test cases. It is integrated with JUnit and Ant.



An eclipse plugin for code coverage visualization of JUnit Tests. Supported coverages include block coverage and all-uses coverage (Data Flow Analysis). License is CPL (Common Public License)



InsECT which stands for Instrumentation Execution Coverage Tool, is a system developed in Java to obtain coverage information for Java programs. InsECT instruments (inserts instructions into) Java class files at the bytecode level with probes to report information about a system at runtime. The goal of InsECT is to provide detailed coverage information about Java programs by taking into full account the object-oriented behavior and language features of Java. Furthermore, as an open-source project, InsECT is designed to be extensible for use in a wide variety of dynamic analyses. InsECT utilizes the Byte Code Engineering Library.



CodeCover is an extensible open source code coverage tool, with the following features:

 * Supports statement coverage, branch coverage, loop coverage and strict condition coverage (aka condition/decision coverage).
 * Performs source instrumentation for the most accurate coverage measurement.
 * CLI interface, for easy use from the command line.
 * Ant interface, for easy integration into an existing build process.
 * Fully integrated into Eclipse.
 * Customizable HTML and CSV report.
 * Per test case coverage measurement.
 * Fully integrated with JUnit for automatic recognition of test cases.
 * Live notification for manual test case recognition.
 * Boolean Analyzer which helps to find test cases to increase strict condition coverage.
 * Correlation Matrix to find redundant test cases and optimize your test suite.



GroboCodeCoverage is a 100% Pure Java implementation of a Code Coverage tool. It uses Jakarta's BCEL platform to post-compile class files to add logging statements for tracking coverage.



NoUnit allows you to see how good your JUnit tests are. It generates a report from your code to graphically show you how many of your project's methods are being tested , and how well.



Hansel decorates a JUnit Test class and instruments one or more classes under test to verify 100% branch coverage of the tested classes by the Test class. The Hansel-decorated TestSuite first runs all the test methods in the Test class. If any of these fail, the test fails, ie: Hansel doesn't bother verifying coverage until functional testing is 100% successful. Hansel generates additional Tests, called "Probes," each of which verifies coverage for a single method or branch. Each of these will fail if the method or branch was not covered during executino of the functional tests. Hansel uses the BCEL library to instrument the class(es) under test.



This small utility is a shared library which when loaded into a Java VM (1.4+) which supports JVMDI will record all the lines of code executed. This is a relatively coarse coverage method, but good enough for a lot of purposes.

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