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Command Line Interpreters


The Apache Commons CLI library provides an API for processing command line interfaces. There are three stages to command line processing. They are the definition, parsing and interrogation stages.



ArgParser is a Java package, which can be used to specify command line options for a Java application. It has support for range checking, multiple option names (aliases), single word options, multiple values associated with an option, multiple option invocation, generating help information, custom argument parsing, and reading arguments from a file. The last feature is particularly useful and makes it easy to create ad-hoc configuration files for an application.



JArgs is a comprehensive command line option parsing suite, for use by Java programmers. Initially, parsing compatible with GNU-style 'getopt' is provided. JArgs is easy to use, thoroughly tested and well documented.



args4j is java command line options parser. Features:

 * It makes the command line parsing very easy by using annotations.
 * You can generate the usage screen very easily.
 * You can generate HTML/XML that lists all options for your documentation.
 * Fully supports localization.
 * It is designed to parse javac like options (as opposed to GNU-style where ls -lR is considered to have two options l and R.)



JOpt Simple is a Java library for parsing command line options, such as those you might pass to an invocation of javac. As closely as possible, JOpt Simple attempts to honor the command line option syntaxes of POSIX getopt() and GNU getopt_long().



Natural CLI is a Java library providing to developers command line interfaces with human readable sentences. It means, your software can understand easily command lines. It's very easy to define. Main Features:

 * Java implementation.
 * Easy to code.
 * Type checking for parameters and user defined types.
 * Optional parameters and tokens.
 * Build-id help command and others.
 * Can be compatible with Apache Commons CLI.