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Nuxeo 5 is an innovative, standards-based, open source platform for ECM (Enterprise Content Management) applications. It addresses applications domains like: document management, collaboration, records management, document-centric business process management, web content management, compliance... It offers a coherent and comprehensive family of components to create, process, manage, publish and archive all your content. It enables organizations to improve business process efficiency, leverage team work and collaboration, and ensure compliance to current regulations. Its component-based and service-oriented architecture makes it easy to customize and extend, making developers more efficient. It has two parts: - Nuxeo EP (Enterprise Platform): it is based on Java EE 5 and provides a coherent set of components addressing the whole ECM scope, managing content through its whole lifecycle. It uses modern Java technologies, including Jackrabbit, Lucene, JSF, Seam, jBPM, JRules, etc. - Nuxeo RCP (Rich Client Platform): for rich client applications. Is is based on Eclipse RCP.