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ERP & CRM Software


Daffodil CRM is an open source customer relationship management software that enables seamless coordination between sales, marketing, customer service, field support and other functions that handle customer contact for an enterprise. Features of Daffodil CRM:

 * Campaign facility
 * Customizable Views
 * Applying Quick Filters
 * Automatic Mail Attachment
 * View summary of latest interaction
 * Efficient leads management
 * Track lead history & Recent Action/Interaction
 * User friendly interface
 * Availability of a built-in database
 * Data integrity and security
 * Company backed project
 * Supports B2B and B2C functions



Centric CRM is an enterprise-class Open Source Customer Relationship Management web application that allows companies to better develop and maintain customers. Key application modules include Sales, Help Desk, Project Management, Communications, and Document Management. The license prevent the redistribution of the source code.



Compiere is a Open Source ERP software application with fully integrated CRM software solutions. Compiere is a fully integrated business solution for small-to-medium enterprises worldwide. Compiere is based on business process rather then departmental boundaries.



SocrateOpen is a professional integrated open source ERP/CRM with accounting management, content management, partner management, e-commerce functions. The product is powered by Compiere and based on Socrate - the business application suite from Romania.



Openbravo is an open source ERP solution designed specifically for the SME (small to midsize firm). Developed in a web based environment, it includes many robust functionalities which are considered part of the extended ERP: procurement and warehouse management, project and service management, production management, and financial management. Additionally, this same application seemlessly integrates the rest of the areas, starting with a management scope directly helping clients with its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence).



The Apache Open For Business Project is an open source enterprise automation software project. By open source enterprise automation we mean: Open Source ERP, Open Source CRM, Open Source E-Business / E-Commerce, Open Source SCM, Open Source MRP, Open Source CMMS/EAM, and so on.


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