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Jdon Framework is the combination of Domain Drive Development( Ruby on Rails that is simple and rapid but not java language) and Ioc/AOP components (Spring that is very agility but has complicated XML configuration) . Jdon Framework combines with rapidity and agility for your web application architecture. and seamlessly supports two service architecture types: JavaBeans(POJO) or EJB. It can easily migrate POJO to EJB, or integrate legacy EJB systems . Jdon Framework Features: 1. All components can be replaced, even the framework itself. 2. Support the default implementations for CRUD and Master-details display. 3. Improve performance of the framework and its applications by plug-in cache. 4. Provide the session function in micro container, application component can be stateful. Jdon Framework = Ioc(pico) + AOP( simple ) + CRUD + Cache