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JAG is an application that creates complete, working J2EE applications. It is intended to alleviate much of the repetitive work involved in creating such applications, while providing a means of quality assurance that the applications created will be of consistent quality. The projects generated by JAG have the following features:

 * The generated applications build with Apache Ant
 * EJB and Hibernate features such as relations
 * J2EE 'BluePrint' patterns such as Session Facade, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Fast Lane Reader and Value Objects.
 * A pluggable service tier: ServiceLocator or Spring Framework.
 * A pluggable business/persistence tier: EJB2/3 or Hibernate 2/3
 * Tapestry 4 presentation-layer for a component based web tier using java 5 annotations
 * Webservices using XFire or Axis
 * Acegi security login
 * JasperReports PDF reports
 * A presentation layer (web application) that takes advantage of the latest features of Struts
 * Extensive use of Java 5 Annotations or XDoclet in the generated application