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MDARAD™ is an open source modeling tool that generates web applications under simple servlet containers or, alternatively, in J2EE containers. It uses the dataïsland™ ( platform independent modeling (PIM) specifications. The generated application is packaged and built in order to facilitate user customizations to the generated code and implements many of the J2EE core design patterns. Some of the generated features are:

 * Struts JSP Tiles and actions to manage web layer
 * Persistence Facades using Hibernate
 * XML Serialization Services
 * ReST and SOAP Web Services
 * Lucene Full Text Search Facades
 * JUNIT Tests The MDARAD J2EE webapp project is divided in three components:
 * mdarad-framework: collection of interfaces, utilities and abstract classes used by the generated web application.
 * andromda-webapp: the cartridge used to generate the application.
 * mdarad-genapp: the development environment generator and manager. This is where you generate your project and control what will be generated or not. MDARAD also has a vision to allow ontology communications based on web semantics and ontology alignment.