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JMX libraries


This software allows for remote connections to JMX servers and provides the ability to browse existing managed beans (MBeans) and execute operations on them.



JFoxMX is a open source implementation of the JSR-3 Java(TM) Management Extension (JMX) and JSR-160 JMX Remoting API specifications. It comes with http based adaptor to view / invoke operations / attributes on its MBean Server.



jManage is a open source, web and command-line based JMX client, which provides a centralized console for managing application clusters and distributed-application environments. jManage goes beyond an ordinary JMX client by providing features like Alerts, Graphs, Security, SNMP support, etc. The jManage mission is to provide an open source management platform, which can be used to manage and monitor complete production environment.



Panoptes is a graphical JMX Management Console for JFace/SWT. Panoptes is designed to work with any JMX Server such as JBoss or Tomcat or any J2EE server. Panoptes uses Jelly to provide customized rich user interfaces for MBeans using the powerful widget set of JFace/SWT.



MX4J is a project to build an Open Source implementation of the Java(TM) Management Extensions (JMX) and of the JMX Remote API (JSR 160) specifications, and to build tools relating to JMX.



The EJTools JMX Browser is a tool which allows to view and interact with the JMX space in a JMX compatible implementation. It provides the following features:

 * remote connections via RMI/IIOP/others (Swing-based)
 * local connection (Web-based)
 * a hierarchical view of the domains and the mbeans
 * access to the attributes, the operations and the notifications
 * attribute plotting The EJTools JMX Browser comes in two flavors :
 * A Swing-based application, that can be connect remotly to interact with the JMX server/implementation.
 * A Web-based application, that can be run in any J2EE 1.3 Web stack. It provides an easy way interact with the JMX server.



The XMOJO project is a free open source implementation of JMX specification. This implementation is derived from AdventNet's JMX implementation, which has been available in the industry since 1999. Apart from complete implementation of JMX specification, XMOJO also contains contributions of adaptors, such as HTML and RMI and rich tools, such as MBean Browser.



JMX4Ant is a set of optional Ant tasks that allows interactions with JMX MBeans.