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JSPTabControl is JSP taglib for manage tabs in your JSP. This taglib generate tabs with "pure CSS tabs" technique (using "li" and "ul"). JSPtabControl give you several features : 1. tab control (body and header) and tab page (body and header) can be easily customized with CSS. 2. titles of tab header page can be localized, by using Struts AplicationResources or Resource Bundle file properties. 3. select a tab with JAVA code (for example in your action struts). 4. keep last tab selected after posting form. 5. set a state (INVISIBLE, READ-ONLY, FORBIDDEN, ERROR, ...) with JAVA code for a particulary tab page : 5.1. to manage render of tab page (header and body) by using CSS. 5.2. to execute function javascript swith events (eg : when tab page has FORBIDDEN state, you could execute javascrit message alert "You are not authorized to access this tab!" when user click in this tab page). You can manage any states. States are configurate (Style class and Javascript to execute) into XML file. States can be used for exemple to manage role in your WEB Application. State are manageable at client and server side. 6. use EL syntax (see JSTL specification) in JSPTabControl attributes taglib (with, height,...) to evaluate JSP expressions dynamically.