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Pooka is an email client written in Java, using the Javamail API. It supports email through the IMAP (connected and disconnected) and POP3 protocols. Outgoing mail is sent using SMTP.

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ICEMail is an email client written entirely in Java. ICEMail supports the latest email standards, including SMIME, vCard, and PGP. ICEMail is based on the Java Mail, Activation, and Help libraries.

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Polarbar is a 100% pure Java email application that runs on all platforms supporting Java. This software is free to all users and supports most standard email technologies used today.

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Grendel is a mail/news reader entirely written in Java. Its goal is to be a true cross-platform application with a feature set that satisfies the poweruser.

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An opensource & freesource complete simple mail client that focuses on security. All protocols have been reimplemented from scratch (Mime, POP, SMTP). With a statistical spam filter, international characters & keyboard. With global encryption for the mail data on the disk and support for optional external GnuPG.

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Columba is an Email Client written in Java, featuring a user-friendly graphical interface with wizards and internationalization support. Its a powerful email management tool with features to enhance your productivity and communication.

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