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Network Servers


QuickServer is a free, open source Java library for quick creation of robust and multi-threaded, multi-client TCP server applications. With QuickServer one can just concentrate on just the application logic/protocol on hand.



EJBCA is a fully functional Certificate Authority. Based on J2EE technology it constitutes a robust, high performance and component based CA. Both flexible and platform independent, EJBCA can be used standalone or integrated in any J2EE application.



jMOS - Open java implementation for Media Object Server Communications Protocol (MOS). jMOS is an open source library for working with Newsroom Computer Systems (NCS) and Media Object Servers (MOS) on the Java platform using the fastest processors engines for XML like SAX, JAXP and StAX. Features:

 * 100% Java.
 * Specification v.2.8.2.
 * Support for MOS profiles 0, 1 and 2.
 * Support multiple listeners and repliers for MOS messages.
 * Support filters in listeners/repliers.



The Apache JAMES Project delivers a rich set of open source solutions, written in Java, related to internet mail and news. JAMES is organized into subprojects with JAMES Server and the Mailet API as their core. Apache JAMES is a project of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) which encourages a collaborative, consensus-based development process under an open software license. The ASF maintains other Java projects which may also be of interest. These are detailed on the ASF Projects page. We recommended that users of JAMES products subscribe to the JAMES users mailing list.



Jsmtpd is a small and modular smtp email server daemon, written in Java. Jsmtpd is heavily based on plugins, and supports : TLS, authentication, spam detection (Spamassassin, Jasen, RBL servers, BlackList), anti virus (Clam Antivirus), and many others filters.



Coadunation is platform independent Server implement in Java. It has been designed from the ground up to provide an easy way to develop and deploy both web applications and daemons in a seamless standardized environment. This makes it easier for sysadmins, developers and end users. It currently provides an Email Server, DNS Server, Application Server, Web-mail frontend and Web administration console.



Netty 2 is an event-driven network application framework. It provides an easy event-based API (like Swing) to develop high-performance, maintainable TCP/IP server/client application. Netty handles many essential features such as readiness selection, thread pooling, and buffer reuse which are required to build high- performance and capacity network applications in Java. Netty 2's interesting features are:

 * Each messages of the user defined protocol are mapped to message classes; Protocols are maintainable in object-oriented way such as inheritance and polymorphism.
 * Utilizes Java NIO.
 * Thread pooling is implemented out-of-the-box.
 * NIO direct buffer is reused to reduce direct buffer allocation overhead.
 * I/O threads and event process threads are separated to avoid I/O to slow down from business logic.



It is a SOCKS server written entirely in Java, which supports both SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols.


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