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JPedal is an application for viewing and printing of pdf files. Features of JPedal:

 * JPedal supports a wide variety of different font technologies.
 * Jpedal supports the following colour spaces: DeviceRGB, CalRGB, DeviceGRAY, CalGRAY, ICC, indexed, DeviceCMYK and DeviceN.
 * Jpedal also reads and displays raw tiff, jpg and gif file formats.
 * Text can be extracted from an entire document, a single page, from within page co-ordinates or from tables. Font information and metadata can also be extracted.
 * JPedal can extract any image from a pdf with a choice of output options.
 * View, edit, print and extract content from interactive FDF forms.
 * JPedal includes an interactive search function that allows you to search either the current page or the entire pdf document for occurrences of a word or a phrase.