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Super CSV is a CSV package for processing CSV files. Super CSV is designed around solid Object-oriented principles, and thus aims to leverage your Object-oriented code, making it easier to write and maintain. Super CSV offers the following features:

 * The ability to read/write POJO beans, Maps and String lists.
 * The ability to easily convert input/output to integers, dates, trimming strings, etc...
 * The ability to easily verify data conforms to some specification, such as number ranges, string sizes, uniqueness and even optional columns.
 * The ability to read/write data from anywhere in any encoding. As long as you provide a Reader or a Writer.
 * Support for Windows, MAC and Linux line breaks.
 * Configurable separation character, space character end end of line character (for writing files)
 * Correctly handling of characters such as " and ,
 * Operates on streams rather than filenames, enabling you to read/write CSV files e.g. over a network connection