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BnPortal is an open source Java/J2EE web portal system (JSR 168 compliant). It is a fork of the Liferay Enterprise Portal. Bnportal has the following features:

 * Cross-platform, implemented using JavaTM technology.
 * Runs on all application servers that supported Servlet (2.2) specification.
 * Standardize on a Content Repository API specification (JSR 170).
 * Standardize on a Java Portlet API specification (JSR 168).
 * Template-based layouts including JSP and Velocity, JSTL.
 * Supports remote XML content feeds.
 * Custom default home page configuration.
 * Database user authentication.
 * In-memory cache for quick page rendering .
 * Rich Site Summary support for syndicated content.
 * Integration with Stxx so that you can develop with the newest XML/XSL technology.
 * Wireless Markup Language (WML) support.
 * Full Web Application Archive (WAR) support.
 * Web Application development infrastructure.
 * Local caching of remote content.
 * Fully portable across all platforms that support JDK 1.3 and Servlet 2.3.
 * Profiler Service to access portal pages based on user, security (groups, roles, acls), media types, and language.
 * Persistence Service available to all portlets to easily store state per user, page and portlet.
 * Skins so that users can choose colors and display attributes.
 * Customizer for selecting portlets and defining layouts for individual pages.
 * User, group, role and permission administration via Admin portlets.
 * Role-based security access to portlets.