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iPoint Portal Open Edition is a complete open source collaborative web portal. iPoint comes with a complete set of portlets with which you can create fully featured portals, Internet sites and collaborative workspaces. Features:

 * Full Content Management Capabilities for static Content on any page.
 * Web 2.0 collaboration features including Wikis, Calendars, Blogs, Forums and Document Sharing.
 * Rich Media support including embedded images, audio and video.
 * Full text search of all content.
 * Extensive notification and messaging support including eMail, SMS and portal.
 * Easily branded with full XHTML and CSS support. Blue Dot Bullet RSS support both to publish and consume RSS feeds.
 * WebDAV support to drag and drop files for sharing.
 * Easily extensible through building custom portlets, templates and views.
 * Standards compliant supporting JSR 168 portlets on any page.
 * Easily Integrated with other applications using portlets.
 * Java platform , runs on any hardware platform that supports Java e.g. Windows and Linux.
 * Strong security with permissions on individual pages and portlets.