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EmForge is a web-based application, suite of tools used in software development: project management (jBPM-based), documenting (Wiki-based), versioning (Subversion-based), reporting (JasperReports-based). Key Features of EmForge:

 * Integration of tools, used in software-development process: documentation(Wiki-based), task-Management (Workflow-Based), Version-Control Management (Subversion-based).
 * Easy to use: this project used Trac as prototype.
 * Flexible: this project is based on Enterprise-standard technologies it is quite easy to integrate it with any other systems, used in company. And this project uses workflow-engine, which allows administrators and managers to setup any process they need (different companies and different projects used different processes for development - you can easily configure EmForge to follow your development process, instead of changing your development processes to follow used tool)