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SQL Clients


A command line interactive SQL tool that can connect to any database with a JDBC driver. By default it works like the Sybase isql or MS/SQL's isql/osql commands but can also behave like the Oracle's sqlplus or PostgreSQL's psql.



QueryForm is a robust Java application that provides a powerful GUI front end for JDBC-enabled databases. It creates forms on-the-fly through which you can query tables and browse the results with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks. It also lets you insert, update and delete table rows without typing any SQL statements.



GUAM is, as the name implies, a GUI frontend to allow easy administration of MySQL users. It is written in Java and uses the Swing toolkit. Since it is a pure Java application, it is completely cross-platform and should work on any platform that has a full Java implementation (and maybe even some of the cut-down implementations). GUAM is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).



DbmJui is an attempt to clone DBMGUI, the database manager for SAPDB.



LiquiBase is a DBMS-independent library for tracking, managing and applying database changes. All database changes (structure and data) are stored in an XML-based descriptive manner and checked into source control. LiquiBase has the following features:

 * Supports merging of changes from multiple developers
 * Works well with code branches
 * Allows you to manage production data as well as various test datasets
 * Works in an environment where multiple machines will be attempting to migrate the database concurrently
 * Supports automated change-applying or generation of SQL scripts that can be approved and applied by a DBA
 * Supports rolling back changes
 * Can create database "diff"s and can generate change logs from them



DBBrowser is an open source (GPL license), cross-platform tool which can be used to view the contents of a database. It supports CLOBS and BLOBS. It is designed to work with Oracle and MySQL. The user should never have to write SQL to view the data although a SQL window is provided. Support for ER (Entity Relationship) diagrams, XMLTypes and more DBMS is planned for the next version. Main features: 1. View all data and sequences in tables without writing SQL 2. Support for CLOBs and BLOBS in Oracle and MySQL 3. SQL syntax highlighting 4. Add, remove, update records without writing SQL 5. Add, remove columns from tables 6. Export data as CSV or PDF files 7. More than 10 GUI skins to change the look and feel 8. Context Sensitive Help 9. Internationalized with 2 language packs. Support for plugging in more language packs Other features: 1. Cross platform 2. Cross platform installer and Windows exe installer for ease of use 3. Documentation with javadocs, Technical architecture document, UI specs and Class diagrams Planned for next version: 1. Reverse engineer DDL from existing DB schema 2. Support for Entity Relationship diagrams 3. Support for Oracle XMLTypes 4. Support for PostGreSQL and IBM DB2 DBBrowser is hosted on the SourceForge website ( Could you please setup a link from your site



SQL Workbench/J is a DBMS independet frontend for SQL databases. It can be used in batch mode and has strong export and import capabilities. It also offers some extensions to SQL (Variable substitution, BLOB support with local filenames) that try to unify handling SQL databases. It can copy table data directly between two different servers (batch and GUI)



Execute Query is an desktop sql client written in java. It includes a query editor, a table browser, import/export capabilities, a sql script generator and a visual editor.


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