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Swing Frameworks & Components


Hitch simplifies the translation of values between Swing JComponents and JavaBeans/Maps. It accomplishes this through an explicit or automatic configuration that defines how and what properties and components are to be bound. The bean/map(s) that the JComponents bind to are referred to as the Model. The collection of JComponents that are used to collect data are collectively referred to as a Form. Features:

 * Annotation and programmatic configuration
 * Binding to POJOs and Maps
 * Auto Binding to POJOs
 * Pluggable Component Handlers and Type Handlers



Java Toaster is a java utility class for your swing applications that shows an animated box rising from the bottom of your screen with a notification message and/or an associated image (like msn online/offline notifications).



OpenSwing is an open source suite of graphics components based on Swing and a framework to develop client server applications having two or three tiers; it allows to develop rich internet applications based on HTTP protocol and Swing front-end too. GUI can be created in a fast way by using the UI designer of the adopted java IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans, JDeveloper or JBuilder, as for other non java IDEs (JB, Delphi, Visual Studio .NET). It uses several tecnologies/mechanisms, such as POJO, MVC, data binding. It can be easily integrated with many server-side layers, such as Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, JPA.



Javu WingS is a set of lightweight Java components providing most of the controls, needed for a typical application/applet. The component hierarchy of Javu WingS is similar to Swing, but the API is simplified and closer to AWT. Most of the components are derived from WingComponet which (like JComponent) is derived from java.awt.Componet Top level classes WingApplet, WingDialog, WingFrame and WingWindow are derived from appropriate AWT classes and contain WingRootPane (analogous to JRootPane). The components use typical AWT events, work with AWT layout managers, and can be used together with AWT and Swing components.



VFSJFileChooser is a Java Swing Component which allows you to browse both remote and local filesystems. It is based on Apache Commons VFS library. It can replace the standard Swing JFileChooser in applications that need to access remote files. It supports all the protocols available in Commons VFS :

 * SFTP to access files using SSH
 * SMB to browse Windows/Samba shares
 * HTTP, HTTPS, etc.



QDWizard is a very lightweight API to write complex Swing wizards with minimal learning curve

 * Designed to minimize required code. Only few methods to implement.
 * Simple design, only two classes visible by the programmer.
 * I18n support for action buttons (en, fr, de, sp, ca, nl for now).
 * Full branching support, can implement any wizard cinematic.
 * Error management using the simple setProblem() method.
 * Supports Wizard images natively and resizes image automaticaly.
 * Ultra light API: only few KB.
 * Actively supported by the Jajuk team.
 * Learning curve of 15 minutes maximum.
 * Real world samples provided (jajuk classes).



GlueMVC is a model-view-controller framework for swing, swt and awt applications that assist the developers to write programs by applying the MVC pattern. This frameworks uses the DAO, Business Service and Business Rule patterns.



InfoNode Docking Windows is a docking windows framework for Swing. It allows to customize the layout of the application. The user can use InfoNode Docking Windows for prototyping and experimenting with different UI layouts for the application. The InfoNode Docking Windows uses themes.

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