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Swing Frameworks & Components


The Abacus Java GUI Builder is a WYSIWYG tool that allows the application developer to place UI Java swing components on the canvas and have it render exactly as you see on the screen.



AutoUI is a Java data binding toolkit that automatically constructs user interface elements for instances of annotated java data object classes. User interface development tasks are automatically generated at runtime. It supports main Java data types, inheritance, collections and embedded objects.



The JGoodies Validation helps you validate user input in Swing applications and report validation errors and warnings. It has been designed to work with different architectures and programming flavors.



MiGLayout is a Swing and SWT Layout Manager for Java. It is using String or API type-checked constraints to format the layout. MiGLayout can produce flowing, grid based, absolute (with links), grouped and docking layouts. MiGLayout is created to be to manually coded layouts what Matisse/GroupLayout is to IDE supported visual layouts.



OpenJX is an interpreter written in Java which allows developers to produce a Java Swing Application or Applet from a few lines of XML and JavaScript. OpenJX is based off the Purple programming language. It incorporated XML and PERL and translated the code into C which it would then compile. OpenJX is similiar to Flex in style. However, its end result is Java Swing. OpenJX applications are also unlike Flex in the following ways:

 * 100% support for all Java Components in Javascript.
 * Distributed Plugin System allows for integration of plugins hosted across networks.
 * Full XML validation.
 * Interpreted.
 * XML may be run as Applet or Application with no change to the JX XML file.
 * Scripting language is Javascript as opposed to Flex's Actionscript.



The JGoodies Binding synchronizes object properties with Swing components. And it helps you represent the state and behavior of a presentation independently of the GUI components used in the interface.


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