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Template Engines


Hapax is a simple text templating library for Java. Hapax is suitable for constructing text output from Java code. The syntax is similar to Google's ctemplate library. Hapax was designed to be easy to use and have minimal dependencies. Hapax does not depend on any existing web framework, and is suitable for use in servlets, scripting languages (Scala, Groovy, etc), and server-side applications.



Dynamator is a simple but powerful tool that transforms standard HTML and XML files into server pages or programs. Dynamator was created to solve the Server Pages Maintenance Problem. Dynamator separates HTML from program logic so completely that different page generation technologies can use the same HTML. With Dynamator, software developers don't have to maintain HTML, and HTML authors don't have to learn a programming language.



Jamon is a general purpose template engine written in java. Jamon has a rich feature set to support encapsulation, parameterization, functional decomposition, and reuse of presentation logic.



MiniTemplator is a compact template engine for HTML files. Features:

 * Available in Java, PHP and Visual Basic (VB/VBA).
 * Simple syntax for template variables and blocks.
 * Blocks can be nested.
 * Compact, well-documented source code. A single code module.
 * Documentation and sample programs available.



IKAT is the templating engine for RSF, an open source Web programming framework based on Spring. The IKAT engine is standalone and can be used without the rest of RSF. IKAT is unique in being the first "completely pure" HTML templating engine. Unlike others, it not only permits

 * logical constructs (tests, branches, iterations etc.) to be expressed in the template, it allows no "model" references in the template and further it adds no tags to its target language - just one single attribute, the rsf:id. Replication and branching, instead, is "induced" in the template structure by a unique "structural matching" algorithm based on a tree of lightweight "components" produced by the user.



Bluprints is a JSP templating framework with zero dependencies and a simple yet powerful XML configuration. This project provides many sophisticated features such as multiple file support, namespacing, cross file/namespace extension, nesting and much more. The XML parsing is done via SAX for performance and to reduce the failures due to XML binding frameworks. An XML schema is provided and always kept up-to-date. The API is simple and direct without hundreds of methods and classes. However, Bluprints provides many features that other JSP templating frameworks are lacking in a fraction of the code. Bluprints is a JDK 1.5 only framework and requires no external libraries to use. It supports WebWork integration and will be supporting plain servlets, struts/actionflow and other frameworks in the future.



Velocity is a Java-based template engine. It permits web page designers to reference methods defined in Java code. Velocity can be used to generate web pages, SQL, PostScript and other output from templates. It can be used either as a standalone utility for generating source code and reports, or as an integrated component of other systems



Tea is a simple yet powerful template language. Tea is most commonly used for creating dynamic web pages in the TeaServlet.


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