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Validation Frameworks


OVal is a pragmatic and extensible general purpose validation framework for any kind of Java objects (not only JavaBeans) and allows you:

 * to easily validate objects on demand,
 * to specify constraints for class fields and getter methods,
 * to validate objects based on certain EJB3 JPA annotations (namely all field annotations that require a not-null value),
 * to configure constraints via annotations, POJOs and/or simple XML files,
 * to express constraints using scripting languages such as Groovy, BeanShell, and JavaScript
 * to easily create custom constraints, and
 * to develop new constraint configuration mechanisms When using AspectJ certain programming by contract (aka Design By Contract or DBC) these features are available:
 * specifying constraints for constructor parameters that are automatically checked when a constructor is called (preconditions),
 * specifying constraints for method parameters that are automatically checked when a method is called (preconditions),
 * requiring a certain object state before a method is called (preconditions)
 * enforcing object validation after an object has been created (invariants),
 * enforcing object validation before/after a method of an object is/has been called (invariants),
 * specifying constrains for a method's return value that are automatically checked after a method has been executed (postconditions),
 * requiring a certain object state after a method is called (postconditions).



iScreen is a Java Object Validation Framework, suitable for validating Java Objects (including JavaBeans) to ensure that they are "valid" according to some definition (usually via configuration).



Spring Modules is a collection of tools, add-ons and modules to extend the Spring Framework. The core goal of Spring Modules is to facilitate integration between Spring and other projects without cluttering or expanding the Spring core. Features:

 * Provides spring integration with commons-validator.
 * Provides an extensive framework for declaratively define validation constraints on domain models using XML, Java 5 annotations and/or proprietary validation language (Valang).
 * The framework is based on Spring's Validator infrastructure.



Commons Validator provides the building blocks for both client side validation and server side data validation. It may be used standalone or with a framework like Struts.



jReform is a library for processing and validating HTML forms that aims to simplify web development by automating validation of form inputs.

 * Inputs are evaluated according to predefined criteria
 * Validation is performed behind the scenes, allowing developer to concentrate on application logic.
 * Additional manual validation can be be added if necessary.



JValidate is a framework for Java object validation. Features:

 * Support for java 1.4 and higher.
 * Validations, constraints can be declared with annotations, xdoclet tags or programmatically.
 * Internationalization.
 * Integration with web-frameworks JSF, Wicket.