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OVal is a pragmatic and extensible general purpose validation framework for any kind of Java objects (not only JavaBeans) and allows you:

 * to easily validate objects on demand,
 * to specify constraints for class fields and getter methods,
 * to validate objects based on certain EJB3 JPA annotations (namely all field annotations that require a not-null value),
 * to configure constraints via annotations, POJOs and/or simple XML files,
 * to express constraints using scripting languages such as Groovy, BeanShell, and JavaScript
 * to easily create custom constraints, and
 * to develop new constraint configuration mechanisms When using AspectJ certain programming by contract (aka Design By Contract or DBC) these features are available:
 * specifying constraints for constructor parameters that are automatically checked when a constructor is called (preconditions),
 * specifying constraints for method parameters that are automatically checked when a method is called (preconditions),
 * requiring a certain object state before a method is called (preconditions)
 * enforcing object validation after an object has been created (invariants),
 * enforcing object validation before/after a method of an object is/has been called (invariants),
 * specifying constrains for a method's return value that are automatically checked after a method has been executed (postconditions),
 * requiring a certain object state after a method is called (postconditions).