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Wiki Engines


Wiki engine that stores pages in CVS.



Chiki is a Wiki-like system based on Struts



JAMWiki is a Wiki engine implemented using Java/JSP that attempts to provide much of the functionality of MediaWiki. It can be run with or without a database and is designed to be fast and easy to set up.



XWiki is a WikiWiki clone written in Java which supports many popular features of other Wikis like:

 * Wiki syntax (uses Radeox engine)
 * Content management (view/edit/preview/save)
 * Version Control
 * Attachments
 * Rights Management
 * Full-text Search It also has many advanced features that many other wiki engines lack:
 * Document Templates to ease creation of common documents.
 * Relational Database storage using Hibernate.
 * Design Engine for Meta-Data and Forms.
 * In-place (inline) editing of form information in pages.
 * Powerfull programming API in documents.
 * Search API for more detailed searching in the Meta-Data.
 * Plugin System in Java.
 * Plugin compatibility layer in perl with some TWiki plugins.
 * Scalability and Performance using J2EE.
 * Complete Skin System (templates content as well as CSS).
 * RSS output and display of external RSS feeds
 * Multi-Lingual capabilities
 * XML/RPC Remote API
 * Portlet Integration
 * Groovy scripting support



The fully integrated standalone wiki, and acceptance testing framework. New users should download the .zip file to give Fitnesse a try. This includes a started installation and user guide and other goodies.



Very Quick Wiki is a WikiWiki web clone written using JSPs and servlets and designed to install and run with minimum effort on Tomcat or some other Java application server.



SnipSnap is a Java-based WikiLog (wiki + WebLog)



Platypus Wiki is an enhanced Wiki Wiki Web with ideas taken from Semantic Web. We call it a Semantic Wiki Wiki Web. It offers a simple user interface to create a Wiki Page plus metadata according with W3C standards. It uses RDF (Resource Description Framework), RDF Schema, and OWL (Web Ontology Language) to create ontologies and manage metadata. Platypus Wiki is an ongoing project started on 23th December 2003. We distribute a pre-alpha version to test the concept and have a feedback from some earlier users. If you want to try it, read the download section to find how you can get it and the installation section to install and run it. The pre-alpha version is again in early stage of development and implements only few features, but you can already try it and see how it works.


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