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At a high level XMLBeans is an XML-Java binding tool that uses XML Schema as a basis for generating Java classes that you can use to easily access XML instance data in a natural manner in your Java programs. It was designed to provide both easy access to XML information via convenient Java classes as well as complete access to the underlying XML, combining the best of low-level APIs like SAX and DOM that provide full access with the convenience of Java binding. There are several factors that set XMLBeans apart from any other XML-Java binding alternatives:

 * XML Schema Compliance - XMLBeans has achieved extremely high schema compliance and is able to compile even the most complex schemas. This is critical when adopting an XML-Java binding framework since you may received schemas that are out of your control.
 * Access to the full underlying XML Infoset - The XML Cursor API allows you to access a lower level DOM like access to the underying XML Infoset. You can get a "cursor" at any point while using the strongly typed generated XMLBeans and begin navigating the underlying XML instance.
 * Access to the schema type system - The XMLBeans schema API allows you to walk through the schema type system giving you full access to a Java object representation of the XML Schema that was compiled to generate the XMLBeans classes.
 * Speed - XMLBeans is optimized for performance at many levels. For example, XMLBeans lazily constructs objects from XML, so that you do not have the performance overhead of object creation when you only access portions of an XML document. Several Fortune 500 customers have adopted XMLBeans based on speed alone.